Breaking Bad


Like many people, I finished watching the show Breaking Bad.  It was a very good show.  But what has turned out to be even more interesting than the show are peoples’ reactions to it.  When talking about the character of Walter White, I have only heard one view expressed.  A co-worker of mine asserted that he, “knew people like Walter White.”  If you talk with the average person, no one is daring to identify with the character of Walter.  Sure, at the beginning of the show, identification with and empathy for Walter was easy, but as the show progressed and as Walter continued to spiral down, these attempts began to fade into the background that was season one.  The reason that I enjoyed the show so much is because the characters were so well drawn, so true to life.  In an interview, Bryan Cranston alluded to the fact that given the right stimulus, even the most docile person could become dangerous.  It would seem that the man who played Walter White does not feel comfortable dividing the world between good people, and bad people.  The false dichotomy that my co-worker erected was the world where there are, “people with a conscience and people without a conscience”.  I am thankful for writers who dare to show the world as it really is.  I am also thankful for actors who illustrate the truth that we try so hard to deny.  We are all Walter White or we are intently lying to ourselves about ourselves.   I’m just thankful that God lovingly shows me the worthless things that I place above him and/or my family and community.  It is only by God’s grace that I am starting to care more about people than my own name.