City Streets

An Urban Floem


As I walk down city streets,
listening to city beats,
A steady rhythm seeps
through the urban upholstery
I feel the palpitations calling me.

Pause and reflect –
I retreat to absorb the mental pattern
The collaboration of feet and concrete,
Engines and social taverns.
Signals that change
The collection of change,
Social exchange…
My mind rearranges
the cues of ontological symmetry
These city blocks – they speak to me
I’m aware of the mystery
But what about the people surrounding me?

In silence they roam
By lamppost and cell phone,
Orphans in search of home
Sewn –
to childhood memories
Ignorant masterpieces
Distracted by the drones
beneath the light of me

Restless under the dying breath of electricity,
So in cars and city bars,
they attempt to heal their scars
through their endorphic pursuit of me
Industry anchored to asphalt,
they fail to see

If only they would Stop.
Pause – reflect and be…

Look up…
Survey the stars
and consider their place in this astral tapestry…
The universe is alive with the pulse of me.

But on they procede aloof to me.
On the inside –
Screaming for proof of me.
In belligerent reproof,
they beg eye for eye and tooth for tooth
but why not of me?
Human scams have marred their plans
but here I stand with outstretched hands,
Bearing scars that see
So I’ll continue to haunt them
with the taste of Truth
until they see
Beyond the city cars,
In these city bars is where I’ll be…

Lo –
Each morsel on their tongue is a taste from me.
Each glass in their hand is a drink from me.
Each friend’s voice and strangers nod –
a greet from me.
The stereo’s language is my artistry.
And the bum ignored –
though I implored,
extends the broken hands through which I speak.

Even so,
On they go
in their subconscious search for me

Pulled by the gravity of their hearts
insistent pleas,
they mete out their desire to please
through fumbling keys
but if only they would
Stop. pause, reflect and be…
and listen to the void that calls for me

Don’t you know your body is alive with the pulse of me?
that each beat beneath your chest is the steady knock from me?
Created fearfully and wonderfully
From the stars to the city bars,
with stillborn scars
I’ve been in the midst of thee.
Let go, lend ear to the rhythm and come chill with me

And I’ll take you beyond these concrete streets
To the place where the city beats eternally…