Focus on the Fear

I grew up in suburbia.  I also have spent a great deal of time in various Christian sub-cultures.  While there are many different types of Christian community, there is one demographic in particular that frightens me.  This is the demographic that views curious and thoughtful inquiry as a threat to be avoided. I do not think that it is a coincidence that many of these men and women are also parents.  As a young father myself, I know how easily I can become overwhelmed by fear for my children’s well-being.  But what happens when we grab our kids and stuff them inside the quasi Christian silo’s that we create to keep them safe?  Are we really loving our children when we teach them that God’s creation is to be feared?  Are we taking up our cross when we teach our children to prize comfort and safety above all else?  Can we really claim to be interested in absolute Truth when we can’t even handle being questioned?  There is one enemy, and he was thwarted at the Cross.  Treating our friends who do not agree with us as enemies casts shame on the very Jesus we claim to love.  A superhero who cannot have a philosophical discussion without punching someone in the face is no superhero, but a bully.  God doesn’t need us to fight his battles, He’s big enough to do that for Himself.  Maybe Absolute man needs to learn to listen, or maybe even love his enemies.  I seem to remember someone talking about that.


  • Kara

    You pose an interesting question Kent. I think the thing that gets me the most is the disclaimer and the last block of the Doctor being locked in the cell. How does locking someone away until they accept the truth benefit anyone? The one locked away will grow in bitterness and resentment and the one who locked him in is a hero? In who’s eyes? and who is he to determine the punishment of the prisoner when we are not necessarily given that authority?

    Good comic Kent.

    • Kent Webber

      Thanks Kara. Yeah, it disturbs me on a lot of levels. It just really bothers me that people who have questions are seen as enemies to be vanquished. I totally agree about the person being locked away only growing in bitterness. In the context of the comic, I think the purpose of locking him away was to keep others safe from being influenced by him. Ironically, I think “Absolute Man” is just as dangerous as Dr. Relative. Both characters are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s interesting how Jesus isn’t mentioned at all.