Francis Webber


St. Francis instructs the wolf (Carl Weidemeyer, 1911)

After school, my son asked me why Hercules was a hero for killing animals.  I explained to him that Greek and Roman gods were celebrated for bravery and in those days, bravery had to do with being able to feed your family (read: killing animals) and protect your family (again, read: killing animals.)  He wasn’t buying it.  So I suggested to him…what if a wolf was attacking you.  Would you kill the animal to save yourself?  He said he wouldn’t.  What if it was attacking your brother?  He said he would become friends with the wolf.  Then the wolf wouldn’t attack anyone.  The wolf would be our friend and our protector.

So now I think I’m going to have to rename him Saint Francis.

  • Kara

    Love that kid. Although, just so you know, I will make sure no wolf eats him.