Nature and Grace

Thomas Aquinas

Benozzo Gozzoli – “Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas” (1420–97)

I thought this discussion of Nature and Grace was really interesting.

“Grace does not destroy nature but perfects it.”

-Thomas Aquinas

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If you want to learn more about Cunningham’s view on nature and grace I would recommend reading his paper in Communio.

  • Jeff Yim

    Wow, that was a packed video! A lot of medieval metaphysics and metaphors crammed into ten minutes!! For reasons suggested by this video, I think John 1:14 was an absolute nuclear blast in the minds of ancient readers and can be even today. Now regarding philosophical anthropology, in the past I’ve turned to J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae’s *Body & Soul* for an exceedingly clear defense of a kind of Aristotelian essentialism and Thomistic substance dualism from an evangelical perspective. I would think, just from watching this video, that Conor Cunningham would be friendly to the main theses in that book.

    • Steven Jillson

      Yeah it is a pretty packed video! That book sounds good!

  • Braden

    Terrence Malick should really make a movie on this subject 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Steve. Also: I really like this project; many thanks to all contributors

    • Steven Jillson

      Thanks Braden! Yeah he really should consider doing a movie… Maybe revolving around a tree or something? 🙂

      • Braden

        “The Naturally Graceful Tree of Death and Life”