A New Gospel

I just spent the last month searching through various curricula to use in our small church’s Sunday school classroom. A month of wading through lessons promising to help our young ones memorize the books of the Old Testament and be more like Daniel. Or David. Or Noah. They were powerful men. It will be safer to teach our children about these Bible heroes than to teach them about Jesus. He was poor. During his ministry, he was homeless. He befriended prostitutes and morally-questionable individuals. What kind of role model is that for our children?

Perhaps as our children grow, we can utilize a curriculum that will encourage them to succeed in school and avoid bad influences. You know the ones: They smoke and party. They have sex. As adults, they will drop out of Junior College, and work menial jobs. These are wretched sins. We need to protect our children from these miscreants who have the power to destroy their hopes of University education and white-collar jobs. Without these achievements, how will they claw their way to Heaven and prove that they are worthy of admission?  Let us shove our children toward the pursuit of a new gospel, where they will be safe, prosperous, and wealthy.