Fill Your Bucket

California is undergoing a crisis of sorts. A natural resource that we have taken for granted is now in short supply. People in other parts of the world know what it means to live without abundant water. We do not.  Us affluent Californians do not like being told to conserve. But the time has come, when our personal extravagance could start to actually harm our neighbors. Local governments are forced to find ways to stem the flow, because we the people do not like the thought of changing our habits. Our cities are made up of people, we are the city. A while ago, all over the internet, people were engaging in something called the ice bucket challenge. It is now time to have another challenge that involves the use of a bucket.

bucketStanding in the shower while countless gallons of water run down the drain is now socially irresponsible and downright unloving. But don’t lose heart, there’s hope. Buy a bucket and a scooper, fill the bucket with warm water and give yourself a shower.        It’s great!

But this isn’t the only option. You can use an old jug, drill some holes in the cap and make your own portable shower. And if you surf these portable showers work really well. Not to mention, these plastic water bottles are so well insulated, they will keep water warm for at least two hours. I’ll be honest, I’ve really enjoyed taking a shower in this way. Not only does it remind me of how the majority of the world stewards this precious resource, but it gets the job done just as well as the standard type of shower that wastes gallons and gallons of water.  In order to be more socially responsible, all we’ve got to do is go a little more old school.  a.baa-Cute-little-baby-in-bucket-o

For those of you urban cowboys, this will be right up your ally.  So what are you waiting for, go out and get yourself a bucket and something to scoop water with, fill that sucker up and get er’ done!