The Hurt Locker (Room)

Donald Trump’s lewd comments back in 2005 have garnered international attention. Trump has received a lot of criticism, but his comments should not be our main focus. Instead, the phrase “locker room banter” and our patriarchal society’s toleration of it is what we need to discuss. I am more surprised by the attitude that some women have towards his comments – specifically women who are Trump supporters. They have said things that imply the attitude of, “Well…guys will be guys” or, “This is just how men talk in private.”

Just because a lot of guys engage in“locker room banter” does not make it right. If anything, this reflects the unfortunate decadence that has taken place in our society. No woman should ever feel like objectification is acceptable. There is a huge difference between talking about one’s looks and admiring them, and talking about women as objects. I emphasize again that Trump’s comments are not the real problem, it is only a symptom of a much bigger disease that plagues our society; the disease that plagues our society is the rape of women in the minds of men.


My message towards women is that it should NOT be normal for you to be objectified by the men in your life. If you are objectified, then you are hanging around the wrong group of men. My message towards men is that we all need to step up and make sure this “locker room banter” comes to an end. Just because it was normal yesterday does not mean it has to be normal today or tomorrow. Locker room banter is a reflection of what lies in our hearts, which eventually leads to how we treat women.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” This is a command that we would be wise to heed.  No woman ought to wake up each morning with the mindset that their appearance will dictate their social success. She needs to live in a society where she can accomplish great things in the manner that Jesus sees them, not in the manner that the carnal desires of men want to see them.  For this reason, we men need to eradicate “locker room banter”. We need to put to death the deeds of the flesh. We can definitely admire beauty, because God has made such beauty, but we can do so without objectification.

Men, it does not matter what we said or thought yesterday.  What matters is that we repent now. Let us see women as Jesus sees them; we can do so with His help. If we truly love women as people and not as a means of satisfying our carnal desires, then we will attempt to change this decadent culture into a culture where all of us are valued for who we are, a culture that places purity where it belongs. Holiness is not a list of “not doing certain things or not thinking certain things.” Holiness, lived in its proper manner, leads to true happiness, where we are no longer enslaved to thoughts and actions that degrade individuals but instead freely use them to redeem and build up.



Bio: 14642607_703248923165510_1253235435_nI was born and raised in So Cal to Indian parents and am currently trying to find a balance between staying connected to my heritage and living my life as an American. When I’m not running or reading or running from reading, I attend Cal State Fullerton as a Political Science major.

Navraj Kaler