When Stories Are Told

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Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the films Interstellar, Shutter Island or the Sixth Sense, there are major plot spoilers contained here within.

Stories for Days

Storytelling has been a huge part of humanity and many different cultures.  Whatever form it has taken, we know that we love a good story.  We hear stories at the movies, at work, on Netflix, on our social media.  We love to hear things that take the focus away from our lives, the craziness that we live in.  Personally I have always loved going to the movies, there is something about knowing for about two hours you are going to be involved in a whole different story and getting to see other characters besides the one you are with every day all day. This has been shown well through the explosion of the new hit Netflix series “Making a Murderer.”  I started this show on Christmas day and then stayed up the next night until about 4 AM watching this.  I was so caught up in this unfolding story.  My dad then got caught into it, my brother and then everyone was talking about it at work.  We love a good story not only because it is enjoyable but it helps us step out of our own story for once.



Lasik Eye Surgery

I decided to study one of the most popular degrees out there right now, Biblical Studies.  Nothing but job offers….but before the offers I was in class learning about the bible.  I had one teacher that would tell us when we read the Old Testament that we would have to take our New Testament glasses off.  Basically what he was saying was that when we read the Old Testament we have to act like we don’t know what happens in the New Testament.  We have to read it like the people back then would have read it.  But the New Testament and the work of Jesus aren’t glasses, but rather more comparable to Lasik eye surgery.  You can’t undo it or take your glasses off, but rather this how you see everything now.   Trying to remove this is foolish and can lead to issues, as shown in the church today.



I See Dead People

Taking off your glasses results in a moral and lesson based reading of the bible.  We see this in the church today, as many would describe Christianity as rules and a list of things to be good.  Part of this thinking is from a misunderstanding of the gospel and how it impacts the rest of the bible.  Maybe movie references can help shed some light.  For example, in Interstellar once you find out that Matthew McConaughey is his daughter’s “ghost” you can no longer watch that movie without knowing that he is behind all the events that this supposed “ghost” is behind.  Once you find out that Bruce Willis is dead in The Sixth Sense the whole movie is changed permanently.  When you see that Leonardo DiCaprio is actually crazy in Shutter Island you are no longer guessing who this guy is, you now know. My point is this is how stories are told.  We don’t go back and watch these movies disregarding what we know about them.  Actually in my own experience it makes the movie even better, you get to try to find things that are pointing towards the end of the story that you didn’t catch before.  This is how stories are told.



Look for the Story

The bible is many things, but it is mainly a story of God’s grace poured out through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Everything in it is about this story. Our job is to look for the story. Interstellar tells us there are books on the floor and messages written in sand from a ghost we now know.  The dead are now walking among us in The Sixth Sense and we now know what has really been going on at Shutter Island.  So enjoy a story that thankfully takes you outside yourself and shows you what someone else has done for you.  Look for it on every page.

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